Xato Mod by DKX


Both Size XATO mods are due into stock Towards the end of October. 

The Xato mod is made by DKX technologies in the Philippines

Both the come with the lavish Celtic cross engraved on the side of the Mod. Along with a unique engraving on both the switch and top cap. 


These mods are available exclusively to Vapor-Z in the UK. 

Below we have given a breakdown of the 2 mods

Xato 26
-30mm diameter mod
-26650 Batteries are the battery designed for this mod
-Machined from Solid Brass

- Celtic Logo and bottom cap engravings

- Red Copper contacts
-Unique Firing mechanism
-Adjustable Positive and Negative Contacts

-Recessed firing button
-510 connection for the majority of atomizers available

Xato 18650 

-95% Red Copper 18650 and 18350 tube
-recessed firing mechanism
-Copper contacts (Positive and Negative)
-Adjustable Positive and Negative pins (Single adjustments for batteries)
-One of a kind firing mechanism.

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