Origen Tank 19/22 by Norbert


Origen Tank 22mm by Norbert - There isn't a Norbert fan anywhere who's never heard of the Origen Tiny Tank. This tiny 16mm dripper with a tank on the top. A tiny format for the ultimate in flavour. It had everything going for it, but it was just... tiny. So here's its big brother, the Origen Tank!



Origen's deck

The deck of this dripper tank is the same as the one used by the Tiny Tank. It can only be used in a single coil format, because the liquid arrives in the opposite direction from the way you twist. In relation to the deck itself, the atomiser diameter is reduced from 22mm to 19mm in order to minimise the size of the chamber to enhance the way the flavour is delivered.

The tank is assembled using a mono coil by placing your cotton pad either side of the tank or by covering it in cotton.

The Origen Tank features an adjustable airflow control with three positions available: 1.5mm, 2mm and an oval opening of 1.8mm × 6mm.

The size of the tank, which offers a volume of nearly 5.5ml, is a huge bonus.

From the Tiny line: a dripper tank 

It's the challenge that all dripper designers face: offering the vape of a dripper, with plenty of vapour and flavour, while ensuring that it lasts as long as possible so there's no need to top up with e-liquid too often. Some solutions have already been put forward, with drippers that feature large tanks or that use the bottom feeder solution.

Today, with its Origen Tank, Norbert has opened up another option, offering a dripper with a tank on the top (and not on the bottom). This positioning allows it to produce a cooler vapour than standard designs. The e-liquid is fed through a vacuum system. This allows the tank to deliver a few drops onto your cotton pad.

Just a word about topping up, which is simplified to the extreme: you simply unscrew the cap. Once put back in place, it automatically delivers a few drops onto your cotton via a vacuum system.

Features of Origen Tank:

- Dripper Atomiser

- Made by Norbert in Hungary

- Diameter: 19/22mm

- Height: 45mm

- Made of Stainless Steel

- Capacity: around 5.5ml 

- Single coil

- Adjustable AirFlow

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