Kangertech Evod Batteries


The Kangertech Evod batteries come in 2 settings of mah, and a variable voltage version.

The mah is the amount of energy that the battery can store.

The Sleek Design of the Kangertech batteries provide a more asthetic appearance when using atomizers.

The on/off button sits flush with the battery which minimizes the chance of accidently switching your device on.


Kangertech batteries come with the 5 click on/off feature so you fully disable the battery if it is being transported in a case or a bag.

These batteries are available in a Black and Stainless steel finish.    


We recommend the following charging instructions for all batteries.

  • Never leave charging items unattended
  • Always charge batteries in a lipo safe charging bag http://www.vapor-z.co.uk/products/lipo-safe-charging-bag
  • Never overcharge the item. When the green indicator light appears on your charging device stop charging the battery
  • Do not use a charger lead if the wires have become exposed
  • If there is any damaged to the battery do not charge and dispose of battery in correct battery recycling boxes
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