Cape Cod Polishing Cloth

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Cape Cod Polishing Cloths

These delightful, vanilla-scented Cape Cod Polishing Cloths can be used over and over to replenish and re-new. Cape Cod Polishing Cloths have been specifically designed - with twenty-five years experience - to clean, polish and protect.

These Cape Cod Cloths contain a versatile polish which is perfect for any metal from gold to stainless steel.

The Cape Cod Polishing Cloth can be used to revitalise Silver, Gold, Pewter, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Nickel, Aluminium Chrome and Stainless Steel. Ideal for watches and straps.

For brilliant shine, simply rub the polish on and buff it off; what could be easier? And Cape Cod Cloths contain a specially designed anti-tarnishing formula, so your metal stays protected in its brilliance.

Made on Cape Cod in the USA.

Pack of 2

Size of each cloth approx: 15cm x 30.5cm.