Nippy Blackcurrant Shortfill

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Blackcurrant and Menthol. What else could you want a great flavour that we can say is identical to a certain Blackcurrant cough sweet.


This Liquid is supplied in a 100ml bottle and confirms to UK & EU CHIPS standard. 

The process of manufacturing this liquid also conforms to UK COSHH legislation.


PG is Propylene Glycol and VG is Vegetable Glycerine. The Other ingredients that go into making our E-Liquids are Nicotine De-mineralized water and flavourings. Our Liquids contain no Essential oils, Sugar, Diacetyl, Gum Arabic, Gum Tragacanth or Vanillin.


This Liquid is Manufactured by Bumblebee-e-Liquids

pg/vg 30/70