Origen V3 Dripper by Norbert


The Origen V3 Dripper is manufactured by Norbert in Hungary. The classic Origen post design is continued with the V3 Dripper.  Available separately is for the Origen V3 is the Bottom fed pin Also available at Vapor-Z    


Bottom Fed BF pin for Origen V3 Dripper by Norbert


  This item is just for the BF pin for the Origen V3  


Origen Little 16mm by Norbert


The Origen 16mm is manufactured by Norbert in Hungary. THIS PRODUCT IS NON DISCOUNTABLE. The Design of the Origen Little is a 2 post design making it an easy dripper to build.  With a fully adjustable airflow control this can altered from single airflow o dual airflow depending on the build that ...


Origen Tank 19/22 by Norbert


Origen Tank 22mm by Norbert - There isn't a Norbert fan anywhere who's never heard of the Origen Tiny Tank. This tiny 16mm dripper with a tank on the top. A tiny format for the ultimate in flavour. It had everything going for it, but it was just... tiny. So here's its big brother, the Origen Tank...