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A Blog for chatterboxes and vapers.....or anyone who loves a good natter.2015-04-08

 So......a Blog?!

Hello everybody (seems like a good start)!

Vapor-Z is a company that is owned by vapers....not money makers (hence why we eat beans on toast ALOT).

So here you will see our day to day vaping experiences. Both the bad and good. We will also try and help out where we can with any advice and info we can provide and will try and answer any questions as quickly and honestly as we can.

Please go ahead an join in. We love a good chinwag at Vapor-Z and we are ALWAYS around so you will probably get fed up of reading us rabbiting on.

Say hello.....ask a question....have a laugh.....anything goes. As long as you guys enjoy vapid and chatting you'll be good. 

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