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The first post!!2015-04-08

Soooo the first post. Scary stuff!

We are really hoping this blog will become a great place for vapers to come and chat about all things vape related and also maybe some things that aren't.

I am a complete nightmare when it comes to anything web or online related. Me and google don't get on at all. Im literally the only person I know who can type 'cat' into google and a dog will appear but hey ho....taking a leap into the world of social media interaction. Until now the closest i have got to social media is Facebook and that drives me insane! haha.

So.....chat to me. Vape related or not....doesnt bother me.

At present I am sat in Vapor-Z Coffee Lounge typing to you guys (if anyone is listening/reading) whilst listening to one of our team members singing Elton John at the top of his voice whist cleaning down the shelves. Just wow hahahaha.

So I reckon this concludes my very first ever 'Blog' ramble.
Lets see who is reading....if anyone.....is anyone out there?? Heeellllooooooooo

PS....if anyone is wondering why the coffee bean background......We have a vape friendly coffee lounge so i thought hell why not haha. Random i know but meh :)

Speak soon
Rianne xx