Ice Ice Minty


Ice Ice Minty –  This E-Liquid is another flavour developed for the menthol chasers out there. Our menthol followers keep asking to push the boundaries and we have definitely crossed the line with this all day vape.

YO VAPE lets vape it!

Ice Ice Minty, Ice Ice Minty

All right Stop, Fill your tank and listen

Vapor-Z is back with our brand new invention

Something to vape so rightly

Youll be vaping this juice daily and nightly

Will you ever stop? Yo – I don’t know

Turn up your volts and youll know

To the extreme you may vape like a vandal

Enjoy this juice and don’t make it a scandal

Ice Ice Minty….dum dum dddumdum duuuum


Supplied in 10ml & 30ml Bottles

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